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Traditional Indian Buttermilk  If you want to have a drink after your meal but don’t want to drink anything carbonated, this drink is for you. I frequently make chaas af

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Hibiscus Tea Hibiscus tea, also known as Karkade Tea or Jamaica Tea, is a must-try whether you’re searching for something warm and calming on chilly days or chilled and refre

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Kokum Juice Looking for something refreshing in the hot summer, and you don’t want the same lemonade anymore? Then, you must try this kokum juice. This delicious and refreshing G

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Carrot Smoothie Smoothies can be a healthy breakfast if made with a decent combination of ingredients and nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. It is an all-

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Raw Mango Summer Refresher Summers and mangoes are best friends. Can you ever imagine summer without mangoes? No right! There is a multitude of recipes with mangoes, mango cake, cu

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Milk with Turmeric  I grew up having golden milk almost every day. When I was small, health drinks weren’t so common those days. So, my mother used to make for me milk with

Mango Lassi One of our favorite Indian summer drinks has to be mango lassi. What better way to combine the sweetness of mango with yogurt’s tanginess? This is easy to make, fruit

Badam Milk Does your child give you a hard time when you try to feed them milk? We all know of pesky kids who do not want to drink their milk. Going for sugar-laden off the shelf m

15 mins

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Basil Seeds Lemonade A Simple lemonade with basil seeds – a pleasant, healthy, and incredibly cool summer drink to keep you hydrated on the hottest of summer days. This super

Blueberry Smoothie A chilled beverage made in the heavens just for summers! I’ve started incorporating smoothies into my diet as a means to eat Wholesome foods without fuss.