Easy Dahi Baingan

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Easy Dahi Baingan (Eggplant in Yogurt Sauce)

A delicious brinjal curry made with curd and basic aromatic spices will make you and your family want more. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare and can be served with steaming rice or roti or as a dry sabzi. 

What is Dahi Baingan?

Pan-fried baby eggplants mixed with alternating layers of Indian spice and whisked yogurt in a dish.

This Dahi Baingan, topped with a tadka (tempering) of curry leaves, dried red chilies, and mustard, is a terrific vegetarian dish to serve at a celebration or just when you want; to enjoy eggplants in a new way!

This is a popular Indian side dish or condiment. Each state of India, such as West Bengal, Orissa, and Kashmir, has its own version of this dish. 

The Dahi baingan is primarily cooked in mustard oil, which adds a wonderful scent and flavor to the dish. In addition, all of the spices used in the meal, such as fennel seeds, dry ginger powder, and cardamom seeds, are not overbearing and perfectly complement the roasted brinjal.

This recipe is inspired by the Kolkata-style Dahi Baingan. Let’s get going!

Notable Ingredients At A Glance


Eggplant (brinjal) – Take a large eggplant and cut it into long strips. You can go deep-frying or pan-frying the cut eggplants as per your choice. I personally prefer pan-fried brinjal cooked with little oil, so I follow this suit.

Yogurt – You can use any yogurt that is readily available nearby. But make sure to whisk it thoroughly before using the curd for cooking. Furthermore, cook the yogurt-based curry on low to medium heat; otherwise, high heat may lead to curdling.

Ginger – The grated ginger adds a pungent and spicy aroma to the gravy. 

Spices – Mustard seeds, dried red chili, hing (asafoetida), and turmeric are the spices you will need. 

Curry Leaves – Curry leaves add to the aroma of the dish. 

Salt & Sugar – As per taste.

PRO TIP – After cutting the brinjal, marinade it with salt, turmeric, and sugar for 10 minutes. This makes the brinjal soft as well as soaks less oil while frying. 

Oil – Mustard oil is the most preferred oil for this recipe. You can use any other oil as per your preference, but it won’t impart the authentic aroma of mustard oil. 

How To Preapre Easy Dahi Baingan?

Cut the eggplant into long 1/4 inch slices and rub it with a bit of salt, sugar, and turmeric.

Heat the oil in a pan and add the eggplant pieces; fry them on medium heat for 1-2 minutes. Cover and cook on low till the eggplant is softened (keep an eye on the eggplant when it’s cooking on low. If it’s touching the bottom, sprinkle some water). 

After the eggplant is softened, turn off the heat. This method reduces oil consumption significantly because eggplants generally absorb a lot of oil.

Keep the eggplant covered in the pan for now.

Meanwhile, take a bowl, add the yogurt, and whisk it with the salt and sugar (if using).

In a separate pan, heat 1/2 teaspoon of oil. When the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds, and let them splutter. Then add the hing, the curry leaves, the red chili, and the ginger. Once the curry leaves have darkened a bit, add this tadka to the whisked yogurt and mix well.

Now add this yogurt to the pan (no heat) with the cooked eggplant and mix well. Cover and keep for 1-2 minutes for the eggplant to mix well with the yogurt.

Serve it with rice or flatbreads. I personally love this with long-grain rice. 

Some Expert Tips For Preparing Easy Dahi Baingan

  • First, roast the baingan on low to medium heat to ensure even cooking.
  • Then, use properly whisked curd to prevent the curd from curdling.
  • Finally, the Dahi baingan dish is delicious when made with well-roasted tender brinjal.
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