Kiwi Mojito

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Kiwi Mojito

Mojitos, from the original to the fruity varieties, are one of the most loved summer drinks. They are simple to make, refreshing, and may be made with a variety of fruits. For instance, I have opted for Kiwi today, which is rich in Vitamin C, and this refreshing green mojito makes a great addition to your summer poolside party. 

What is Kiwi Mojito?

Kiwi mojito is a delightful summer cocktail composed of simple syrup, sparkling water, mint leaves, lime juice, and fresh ripe kiwi fruit, served with ice. This cocktail may be made all around the year. It’s fun and festive, making it ideal for parties and festivities. If you have the simple syrup on hand, you can have it ready in 2 minutes. 

It is a delightful alcohol-free drink that is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. It’s also an excellent mocktail for youngsters. The lime and mint add a nice zing to this alcohol-free drink. You can add a little more if you like mint as much as I do.

Notable Ingredients At A Glance

Kiwi – Kiwi is acidic but sweet, and it complements all of the other flavors really well. In this mocktail, I’m using regular green kiwis.

Greek kiwi is vivid green, as the name implies, and gold kiwi is golden yellow. Gold kiwi has smoother skin and softer flesh that virtually melts on your tongue. Gold kiwi has a sweeter and more mellow flavor than green kiwi.

I have used peeled kiwis to [preare the drink. You can leave one unpeeled slice for garnish but peel the rest for the cocktail. The peel of a kiwi is edible, but the texture isn’t ideal for a drink. If you don’t have regular kiwi, you can use gold kiwi, which is somewhat sweeter and less acidic.

Lemon – If you only have lemon, you can substitute it for the lime. It will taste different, but it will function. 

Mint leaves – Both sprig mint and Moroccan mint work well in this mocktail. Some recipes call for less, while some call for more. I like to add a tiny handful to infuse the drink with minty flavor.

Sprite – I have used sprite for the extra zing and fizz. You can also substitute it with soda and sweetener. 

How To Prepare Kiwi Mojito?

Peel the skin o the kiwi and cut one kiwi into slices & mash the others.

Add the mint leaves to a glass and mash them gently. Add the mashed kiwi. 

Add ice cubes (optional),kiwi slices & lemon slices.

Fill the glass with sprite. Then, your refreshing kiwi mojito is ready to be served. 

Some Expert Tips For Preparing Kiwi Mojito

  • If adding lime to the drink, do not muddle it in the glass. The white pith of the limes can become bitter if muddled in the glass. Instead, juice separately, then garnish with a wedge.
  • First, mix the kiwi with a muddler or a spoon and add it to the glasses.
  • I used sugar-free lime soda instead of sprite, but any sparkling water will do too.
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