Omelette Curry

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Omelette Curry

I am sure you know that eggs are not just for breakfast. There are many egg recipes that are amazing for lunches or dinners. One such recipe is the most beloved egg curry. Egg curry is one of the most go-to dishes for Indians. Be it a small get-together or a day when you don’t feel like cooking egg curry is always a choice because it is super easy to make, tasty, and very affordable. 

Egg curry is mostly made with hard-boiled eggs, but a small twist in the recipe can make this favorite dish extraordinary, and that small twist is using an omelette in the curry instead of hard-boiled eggs. An omelet can be transformed into a delectable curry. 

What is Omelette Curry?

Omelette curry is a Bengali spicy egg curry made with omelette rather than boiled or pan-fried eggs. Even though Bengalis adore egg curry, omlette curry holds a particular place in their hearts, as I mentioned earlier. It is simple to prepare and uses ingredients that are normally on hand or easy to obtain in a pinch. 

Chopped-up fluffy omelettes and boiled/roasted potatoes are cooked in this Bengali Egg Omelette Curry called Mamlette’r Jhol. They soak up and absorb the curry tastes and spices, making it the simplest and yet greatest side dish for rice. 

Serving this egg curry with rice and flatbreads for a quick lunch or dinner is a simple way to make a cozy meal with little effort.

Notable Ingredients At A Glance 


For Omelette 

Eggs – Of course, eggs! Use 4 to 5 or more, depending on how thick you want your omeletle to be. 

Onion & Tomato – Adding onions and tomatoes to the omelette makes it tastier. 

Green Chili – To add some heat to your omelette, add green chilis. 

For Gravy

The gravy requires basic Indian curry ingredients.

Onion – Onions are regarded as a basic component or the foundation of Indian cooking and are used to make any sauce, curry, or bhuna dish. The flavor and perfume of onion transform any ordinary dish into a mouthwatering and delectable one.

Tomato – Tomatoes offer the sourness that gives the curry its structure and the acid bite that enlivens the starches we eat with them.

Ginger-Garlic Paste – It gives delectable, savory elements as well as a lovely perfume to the dish.

Spices – The Indian spices used in this dish are:

  • Coriander powder
  • Garam masala
  • Turmeric powder
  • Red chili powder

Green coriander or Cilantro – It enhances the aroma of the dish. 

Oil – This Bengali-style Omelette curry is mostly prepared in mustard oil. However, you can use any neutral oil of your choice.

How To Prepare Omelette Curry?

The eggs should be beaten first. Mix in the chopped onions, tomato, and green chilies. Season with salt to taste. 

Note: Try this method for extra-soft and spongy omelettes. In two large mixing bowls, separate the yolks and whites. Add salt, onion slices, chopped green chilies, and ginger to the yolks. Combine thoroughly. The egg whites should be frothy and opaque. Don’t go past the soft-peak stage.

Heat the oil in a skillet and cook the omelettes with the ingredients listed above. Set it away. You can also bake the eggs in the oven to prepare the omelettes. 

Now, let’s start by making gravy (sauce) for the dish.

To get a smooth gravy mixture, blend the onion, tomatoes, and ginger garlic paste. 

Then, heat the oil in a pan, add the ground masala and cook for 2 minutes. Now stir in all of the dry masala powders. Sauté until the masala begins to leave the sides of the pan and the oil separates. 

Now add water and bring it to a boil. Cook for a few minutes on low, covered. 

Add the omelette in 2-4 pieces to the gravy. Cook for 3-4 minutes with the pan covered. 

Before serving, garnish with green coriander leaves.

Note: This curry can be made with potatoes. If you do, lightly sauté the cubed potato before adding it at step 3. Cover and boil until the potatoes are tender. You may also require a little additional water. This dish is perfect for a quick and easy meal on any day! Enjoy it with rice or flatbreads for your lunch or dinner.

Some Expert Tips For Preparing Omelette Curry

  • Mustard oil is a vital ingredient in cooking this curry, and it provides a lot of flavors, as it does in most Bengali recipes. If you’re using mustard oil for the first time, bring it to a smoking stage before adding the rest of the ingredients. To avoid stomach difficulties, it is either taken raw or heated to a smoking temperature.
  • Since omelette curry is a thin, watery curry, you can add potatoes to bulk it up. 
  • After adding the omelettes, adjust the amount of water to achieve the desired consistency of the curry. We want the omelettes to soak up the curry flavors without becoming a mushy mess.
  • Traditionally, potatoes are roasted in oil before being added to the curry, but I added cooked potatoes directly to shorten the cooking time.
  • A layer of oil floating on top might improve the flavor of the curry, but I didn’t use much. To make a richer curry, increase the amount of oil.

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