Pista (Pistachio) Barfi

30 mins


Pista Barfi

Pistachio nuts are popular as snacks because of their delicious flavor and high nutritional content. But, let me tell you, pistachio in the form of barfi is exceptional. Of course, it has sugar because it is sweet, but it is totally worth cheating on.

If you’re looking for a unique festive sweet recipe to try this year, this Pista Burfi is it. This recipe is quite simple to make and yields a beautiful barfi that is smooth, creamy, flavorful, and melts on your tongue.

What is Pista Barfi?

Pista Burfi is a classic sweet recipe that can be made for festivals, special occasions, or even every day. No need to go all the way to the market when you can create this scrumptious burfi at home.

This recipe calls for pistachios, sugar, cardamom powder, and ghee. If available, silver vark is placed on top of these handcrafted delicacies, which are easy to make. An irresistible treat for those with a sweet craving, this delectable dish has a nutty flavor and a gorgeous pastel green appearance. They have a long shelf life and can be kept in an airtight container for several days.

Your kids will adore these delectable barfis and will want more. You can also serve it to kitty parties, game evenings, and potlucks to receive comments on your incredible culinary abilities.

Notable Ingredients At A Glance

Pistachio – If you have the opportunity to sample the nuts before purchasing them, take a bite and look for a vibrant green hue within since this is usually a strong indication that the pistachio is ripe and flavorful.

Almonds – Almonds make the barfi even tastier. Use fresh almonds for the recipe; otherwise, they will spoil the entire dish.

Milk Powder – I have used milk powder in this recipe. This can be readily replaced with sugar-free condensed milk.

Sugar – Sweet without sugar is unimaginable. However, you can use jaggery or some other natural sweetener, but the taste will differ.

Ghee – Ghee is the base of most Indian desserts: more ghee, more taste.

Cardamom powder – Cardamom adds a sweet and spicy flavor to the sweet.

Water – Water is required to form the dough. You can substitute it with milk to make it even tastier.

Food Color (Green) – It will help bring out the classic green color of pista barfi. You can skip it if you wish.

How To Prepare Pista Barfi?

Soak the almonds in hot water for 30 minutes, then peel off the skin. Using a paper towel, pat dry the almonds. To make a fine powder, dry-grind the almonds and pistachios together.

In a saucepan, combine 1 cup sugar and 1/4 cup water and cook until it becomes a thick syrup. Mix in the powdered nuts, milk powder, cardamom powder, and ghee. Add the food coloring. Stir in the chopped nuts, pistachio, and almonds.

Continue to mix until it thickens and separates from the sides of the pan.

Place butter paper or parchment paper on a tray and grease it with ghee. Pour in the ingredients and distribute them evenly.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Make a diamond shape, the typical barfi shape. Garnish with chopped almonds if desired, and enjoy.

Some Expert Tips For Preparing Pista Barfi

  • Use fresh pista and almonds; else, the burfi won’t last very long.
  • To make the nuts’ skins simpler to, remove, soak, or blanch them.
  • Additionally, only sugar syrup with a string-like consistency should be used. If not, the burfi turns hard and fragile.
  • Most importantly, make quick and easy burfi using a nonstick pan.
  • To create pista badam barfi, you can use a plastic sheet or a greased plate in place of butter paper.
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