Rose Coconut Ladoo

Rose Coconut Ladoo

Ladoo is a very attractive and tasty dessert. Its sweet smell can literally attract you from miles. When my mom used to make it at home, I could sense it from the gates. You literally won’t find any sweet lover who would say, ‘I hate ladoo’. But, most people avoid making it at home, thinking that the process is very cumbersome. So, here is a no-cook ladoo recipe for you.

What is Rose Coconut Ladoo?

Rose Coconut ladoo is a popular Asian dessert made with fresh or desiccated coconut and rose syrup. This no-cook rose coconut ladoo is easy to make and super tasty. Coconut with a delicate rose undertone makes a lovely combination, an absolute treat for the mouth! It is an amazing last-minute assorted dessert while still being a show-stopper.

They are perfect to surprise someone special. You can serve them as Diwali and  Christmas treats or on any other occasion. These ladoos are visually appealing festive treats that are also ideal for holiday gifting.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dessert, this ladoo recipe is for you.

Notable Ingredients At A Glance


Desiccated coconut – You can use fresh desiccated coconut or store-bought ones. Either work!

Sweetened condensed milk – Because this is a no-cook recipe, condensed milk is the most suitable option. If you want to use normal milk, you will have to boil it and reduce it to form the ladoos, increasing the cooking time, and we can no longer call it a no-cook recipe. I would say it is best to keep it simple.

Rose extract – You will need rose extract for this recipe; I personally prefer the one from the viola brand because it is natural and has great aroma and flavor.

Red gel food color – For that attractive red color ladoos, you will need a few drops of red food coloring.

How To Prepare Rose Coconut Ladoo?

To prepare the rose coconut ladoo, take a large mixing bowl. In the bowl, combine 2 cups of desiccated coconut and sweetened condensed milk.

Now add in the rose extract and red gel food color and combine them well until the mixture holds together. The “dough” formed will be a lovely rosy pink color. Making the dough is the most critical part of this recipe. This step will make the recipe stand.

Now take a flat plate and place ¼ cup of desiccated coconut on it.

To form the ladoos, roll the coconut mixture into lime-sized balls/ladoo with light hands, then coat the rolled balls/ladoos over the desiccated coconut until the ladoos are coated well. Freeze them for some time and enjoy.

Some Expert Tips For Preparing Rose Coconut Ladoo

  • Choose mature and thick coconut if using freshly grated coconut. Otherwise, the coconut will turn into a paste while cooking.
  • When using fresh coconut, scrape only the white part to make the laddu look appetizing. Make sure to throw out the brown part.
  • Sauté the freshly grated coconut until all of the moisture has evaporated; otherwise, it will spoil quickly. Because I used desiccated coconut, I skipped all of these steps.
  • If the color of the coconut changes while roasting, the ladoo will smell bad.
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