Rose Tea

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Rose Tea

Rose is a flower with numerous culinary applications. Indians have been utilizing rose flowers in cuisines and drinks for centuries, from decorating sweets to producing gulkand and rose sherbet from the dried petals.

If you want to lose weight, rose tea is one of the greatest herbal teas to include in your daily diet. However, this is not the tea’s only health advantage. It is also helpful for digestion and helps enhance skin and hair health thanks to the antioxidants in it. This luxurious and fragrant tea is so super easy to make and very healthy, as you have already read.

What is Rose Tea?

Rose tea is an aromatic herbal beverage produced from fragrant petals and buds of rose flowers. The flavor and aroma of the tea are deliciously striking.

Rose tea can be consumed alone or combined with other herbal components or actual tea. In truth, roses are frequently used to smell actual teas, particularly in China and India. Roses can be scented in all teas, including white, yellow, green, oolong, black, and dark.

A mug of fragrant tea with floating rose petals/petal dust is the ideal way to unwind after a long, chill day. This simple rose tea recipe is a real treat for the taste buds.

Notable Ingredients At A Glance

Dried Rose Petals – Pink Rosa Damascena is widely used in the preparation of rose tea. Many other varieties are used as well, mainly in red and pink hues; however, they may be more bitter than the Rosa Damascena variety.

Rose tea is typically made using dried rosebuds or petals, but fresh roses can also be utilized too. You can either dry them yourself from organically produced roses or purchase them already dried food-grade rose petals or buds.

If you’re drying rose petals at home, ensure they’re pesticide-free and steer clear of those from supermarkets or florists, frequently chemically treated.

Honey – For the sweetener, I have used honey. You can use any other natural or artificial sweetener of your choice.

How To Prepare Rose Tea?

Take a kettle, add dried rose petals, and warm water in it. Allow it to steep for 5 minutes.

Strain and pour it into a cup. Add honey or any other sweetener of your choice and stir. Enjoy this delectable tea on a rainy day or chilly night.


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