Suji/Rawa Halwa

20 mins


One Bowl Dessert made with Semolina

Suji halwa is a popular and delicious Indian dessert. It is very simple to make, takes little time, and is prepared in most Indian homes, including mine. It can also be incorporated into a well-balanced diet. Consume in moderation, but enjoy it to the fullest! So, for a quick and yummy dessert, this recipe is ideal. 

What is Suji Halwa?

Suji ka halwa is a traditional North Indian sweet made with fine semolina or cream of wheat (farina), sugar, ghee, nuts, and cardamom powder. This sweet is known as Sheera in Maharashtra. Suji, sooji, and rava are all different names for semolina. 

This quick and easy halwa recipe comes together in about 15 minutes. However, rava or semolina is still the main ingredient. Some variations use milk instead of water and are known as milk kesari. Cardamom powder is commonly used as a flavoring.

Suji halwa is commonly served as prasad to the deities during festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Laxmi Puja, and Navratri. Some people even make this for their weekly puja. Sheera is also distributed as parsad in temples.

Ingredients At A Glance

Suji – In India, semolina is known as suji/sooji or rava. Suji, rava, and semolina are all interchangeable terms. They go by different names in different parts of our country.

Suji is primarily made from wheat. Suji comes in a variety of varieties that can be found in supermarkets. The fine variety of sooji is best for sooji halwa. 

Sugar/Jaggery – White granulated sugar is ideal for suji halwa. You can also use jaggery powder or light brown sugar.

Ghee – Ghee adds a rich flavor and aroma to suji ka halwa.

Cardamom powder – Cardamom Powder can be used as an optional ingredient to add a sweet aroma and flavor.

Water – Water aids in the consistency of the halwa and the cooking of the semolina. Many suji halwa recipes recommend using milk instead of water for a creamier flavor. My halwa recipe always tastes better when cooked in water.

Almonds, Raisins & Cashew nuts – Dry fruits and nuts add extra charm to the halwa. I have added almonds, raisins, and cashews to my halwa, but you can add any other dry fruits and nuts of your choice. 

How To Prepare Suji Halwa?

In a kadai or deep pan, heat the ghee.

Add the suji to the ghee and roast the suji on low flame till it gives out a nice aroma and turns slightly brown in color.

When the suji turns brown, it means it has been thoroughly roasted. Continue to stir for at least 7 to 8 minutes.

Then heat the water for the suji in a pan. Once the water is hot, and the suji has been thoroughly roasted, add the water and continue to stir.

Now stir in the sugar. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes on low heat.

Add cardamom and mix. Then, add the dry fruits at this stage.

Check the sweetness of the halwa; if it needs to be sweeter, add more sugar.

Your suji halwa is now ready to serve; garnish with chopped almonds if desired.

Some Expert Tips For Preparing Suji Halwa

  • Before cooking, the suji should be thoroughly roasted.
  • Make halwa with a fine variety of suji as well.
  • Instead of sugar, you can substitute jaggery.
  • The water used to cook the suji should be hot, not at room temperature. When using room temperature water, the suji can form lumps.
  • Milk can be substituted for water to give the halwa a richer flavor.
  • You can add any dry fruits you want.
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